See below for examples of previous challenges. As we finalize this summer's battle we'll update you here.

Daytime Preliminaries


This test is not a standardized test. We repeat, it is NOT a standardized test. Instead, it is a non-standardized test made by real cheese professionals that want you to feel like being a geek is cool.

Provided: The test. The pen. The inspiration.

Objective: Prove you’re a curd nerd.


Goat milk is white, washed rinds are orange. Cloth-bounds are mite-y. Grass-fed bovines show forage.

Provided: 7 bite-sized pieces of cheese with rind. 35 minutes.

Objective: From multiple categories choose milk type, pasteurization, country of origin, style. Bonus points for ID’ing cheese name.

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You know your case. You guide your customers. In this service business, the best mongers have knowledge and charisma. Show us yours.

Provided: A mini case with roughly a dozen cheeses you’re told about ahead of time. Knives. Formaticum cheese paper. 5 minutes.

Objective: Set your case with premade cheese signs. Help your customers find what they want. Wrap ‘em up some goodies in Formaticum cheese paper.


Samurai Warrior with wires and knives, cut two perfect quarter pound pieces with Zen exactitude. Your years of training behind the counter pay off now.

Provided: Cheese. Cutting implements.

Objective: Hit .25 for full credit. Off by more than .02 and no points for you, Grasshopper.


Ahead of the Big Day, choose your cheese and accoutrements from a provided list (or bring your own food-only accoutrements). Day of, cut and pair 100 bites for Cheese Crazed guests to feast on.

Provided: Cheese, work station, board, knife set. 50 minutes.

Objective: Dazzle the judges with your ability to tease out new flavors from old favorites.

Nighttime Finals

Top 10 Contestants Only

Unlike years past where we’ve revealed the finals, the 5th Annual Invitational signals the dawn of a new era. We realize that if you’re meant to be in the finals you are a true cheese warrior. You can handle anything. You don’t need to know what the final challenges will be. So we’re keeping ‘em secret.