All you can eat and all you can drink from Sixpoint Brewery


50 mongers prepare Perfect Bites of cheese with pairings

20 of the world’s best cheese makers serve up hundreds of pounds of cheese


Keep talking and tasting with our makers and enjoy:


Gruyere AOP melted down with Sixpoint Sweet Action


Columbia Cheese Riesler and Spring Brook Reading Raclette with McClure’s pickles and boiled potatoes.

Melted Cheese Flatbreads

Columbia Cheese Scharfe Maxx and caramelized onions
Vermont Creamery Fresh Goat Cheese and grapes
Marin French Brie and Olympic Provisions Sweetheart ham

The Piggy Ploughman

Jasper Hill Farm whey-fed pig roasted and served with McClure’s pickles, Montgomery’s and Cabot Clothbound Cheddars

Parm Perfect

A wheel of Cravero Parmigiano Reggiano chipped out fresh and tossed with pasta alfredo

Perfect Bites

Monger Host Cheese  
Heather Salas Vermont Creamery Fresh Goat Cheese Onion taralli topped with Vermont Creamery fresh chevre rolled in salt and pepper pistachios, topped with tomato tapas jam and a pipparis pepper
Dylan Hiester Columbia Cheese Chiriboga Blue A dollop of Blauschimel (aka Chiriboga Blue) on top of a small piece of the crunchiest bacon drizzled with Mike's Hot Honey
Cara Baker Essex Street Cheese Co. 1605 Manchego Manchego 1605, apricot, crispy serrano, almond
Lilith Spencer Cypress Grove Midnight Moon The goat Gouda you could just "snack on all day" pulls an all-nighter with the help of mouth-watering citrus & a toasted sesame seed-cocoa nib crunch factor—it's Midnight in the Garden of Gouda & Evil, y'all
Quinn Kenworthy Rogue Echo Mountain Rogue S'mores: Echo Mountain Blue, graham cracker, chocolate sesame butter, spicy honey, citrus zest
Thomas Perry Vermont Creamery Fresh Goat Cheese The Shaggy Goat: Vermont Creamery Fresh Chevre on a Farm to Hearth Crisp topped with Shagbark Hickory Syrup
Jeremy Jackson Gruyere AOC 12 Month Gruyere 12 month Gruyere AOP with Vermont Creamery Creme Fraiche mixed Ba-tampte horseradish, La Quercia speck, fresh dill-all to be served on a vegetable crisp
Joe Ciardullo Columbia Cheese Maxx Extra C’est Cheese BLT – Fresh Tomato, Crispy Bacon, Watercress & Rosemary Aioli served on Maxx Extra
Luke Johnson Rogue Cacow Belle Cheddar Graham flour Éclair with Housemade Spiced Milk Jam
Andrew Moulton Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche Mashed Bonne Bouche with walnut on slice beet
Joe Green Jean d'Alos Ossau Iraty Jean d'Alos Ossau Iraty, La Quercia N'Duja, Blis Bourbon Barrel Aged Maple Syrup, and Black Lava Sea Salt
Leslie Uhl Vermont Creamery Cremont For the sheer pleasure of amusing a bouche or two, I will be presenting a single bite of Thai Basil Key Lime pie, handmade with a spiced graham cracker crust, a crisp of La Quercia Tamworth Prosciutto, whipped Cremont and fresh lime zest, to be known simply as...The Full Cremonty
Mark Bomalaski Jean d'Alos Ossau Iraty Ossau Iraty Shepherd's Pie amuse bouche: everything you love in one perfect bite!
Beth Lewand Cellars at Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue Caramel Apples with Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue
Emily Acosta Caves of Faribault St. Pete's Blue Inspired by my Cuban-American heritage and the uniquely American story of St. Pete's Blue, my perfect bite is a pairing of guava and dulce de leche pastelitos and St. Pete's Blue cheese, with a garnish of dried Granny Smith apple
Rachel Kempf Cellars at Jasper Hill Alpha Tolman Homemade Caramelized Peach, Onion, and Anchor Summer IPA Chutney with Jasper Hill Farm Alpha Tolman on Castelton Windham Wheat Crackers
Sara Adduci Cellars at Jasper Hill Alpha Tolman The Virginia Yankee! Von Trapp Oma, Daisy Della, pea shoots, pickled pumpkin, peanuts, and crystallized ginger
Nadjeeb Chouaf Spring Brook Reading Sweet and spicy peppadews stuffed with Edwards of Surry Surryano ham and Spring Brook Reading
Kyle Miller Columbia Cheese Challerhocker A Rick's Picks garlic dill slice, topped with a hunk-o-Chällerhocker, dressed with a spicy Portuguese tomato jam
Katie Renner Vermont Creamery Bonne Bouche Meet the BBBLT, a Bonne Bouche BLT with a smear of Bonne Bouche, bit of tomato and candied bacon on some greens
Cara Warren Gruyere AOC Gruyere 12 Month Gruyere 1655 with Bresaola marinated in lemon and olive oil
Travis Berwick Cellars at Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue Jasper Hill Farm Bayley Hazen wrapped in pancetta and topped with fig and walnut butter
Jessica Galen Columbia Cheese Challerhocker Monger-Style S'more: Toasted Challerhocker on an Effie's Oatcake with Katchkie Farm Tomato Jam and Qupia Sweet Cured Olives
Nathan Heggem Neal's Yard Dairy Hafod The Loaded Hafod: This deconstructed baked potato features kettle chips, tomato jam, fresh herbs, and a tart ménage à deux of Welsh Cheddar and Connecticut sour cream
John David Ryan Neal's Yard Dairy Stichleton Stichelton blue cheese, Kettle BBQ chip, pear (roasted with cinnamon, nutmeg, cardamom, and ginger), spicy caramel sauce (brown sugar, cream, vanilla extract, cayenne powder, jalapeno),and bacon crumbles.
Nicole Mbisike Nettle Meadow Kunik Sunny Kunik Pie: A refreshing, buttery, and melt in your mouth experience, that reminds you of sunny summer days with a glass of lemonade.
Blair Johnson Neal's Yard Dairy Red Leicester Sparkenhoe Red Leicester "fry," maple-cured "bacon," applewood smoked "ketchup"
Jordan Edwards Neal's Yard Dairy Stichleton English oatcake / port jellybean / Stichelton / pistachio
Yahn Van de Walle Laura Chenel/Marin French Laura Chenel's Ash Rinded Buchette Laura Chenel's ash-rinded buchette canape on freeze-dried strawberries with mint and graham cracker crumble
Noah Pardo Essex Street Cheese Co. Manchego 1605 Manchego 1605, Speculoos, Sriracha, Ritz Cracker
Caitlin O'Neill Pondini Pecorino Marzolino Triangles of pecorino marzolino topped with LOCAL Brand Plum Cinnamon Jam and crushed cocoa dusted almonds, finished with a drizzle of white truffle honey. "Plum truffle cheeseQUAKE -- you'll tremble with delight for this sweet and savory bite!
James Gentry Essex Street Cheese Co. L'Amuse Gouda L'amuse Signature Gouda topped with Frangelico infused creme fraiche, Frangelico butterscotch, roasted hazelnuts, cayanne, resting on a basil leaf
Pat McCroy Essex Street Cheese Co. Essex Comte Essex St. Comte with Spicy Pickled Asparagus & Bacon Tomato Jam
Regina Yates Neal's Yard Dairy Hafod Hafod, Blue Chair blood orange-chestnet honey marmalade with rosemary on bacon fat shortbread
Brie Hurd Essex Street Cheese Co. Manchego 1605 Handmade artisan Manchego with fresh Armenian walnuts and homemade apple cider gastrique
Ryan Skrabalak Cellars at Jasper Hill Alpha Tolman Jasper Hill Farm Alpha Tolman on a plantain tostone with prosciutto di parma, pineapple gastrique, and crispy sage
Roger Bielz Caves of Faribault St. Pete's Blue St. Pete's Select blue cheese wpresented on a cracker with pineapple chutney
Miguel Vera Laura Chenel/Marin French Laura Chenel's Ash Rinded Buchette Honey Brûléed Buchette with fresh fruit (depending on what looks good at the market that morning)
Halley Zelicoff Columbia Cheese Chiriboga Blue Handmade Hazelnut Cracker topped with Chiriboga Blue, Rhododendron Honey, and Edible Flowers
Ben Frasier Columbia Cheese Maxx Extra Maxx Extra with peach slices and cinnimon over a simple salty crisp
Rori Jackson Vermont Creamery Cremont Cremont topped with Carolina pork bbq, lemon chutney and dried orange on an apricot, fig, and lemon cracker
Michael Coffey Cellars at Jasper Hill Von Trapp Oma A beautifully gooey ripe parcel of Von Trapp Oma sits upon a pear crisp… it has been Awaiting the sweet bite of a spicy plum chutney cut with a touch of bright orange zest I call it… “Ripe” Fruit!
Barbara Garcia Neal's Yard Dairy Red Leicester Bacon chip with Red Leicester on one side and harden chocolate on the other
Charlie Izquierdo Cypress Grove Midnight Moon With Midnight Moon in mind, I have whipped up both some crescent moon shaped crackers and a homemade pineapple chutney with minced peppers and cilantro, to run with the theme and add some brightness and pep, respectfully.
Alison Velasco Essex Street Cheese Co. L'Amuse Gouda L'Amuse Gouda with Tomato Jam on a Grits Cookie--I call it the "Low Country."
Marie Colas Rogue Cacow Belle Cheddar Rogue Creamery Cacow Belle cheddar with a Balsamic fruity flavor glaze and roasted, unsalted almonds