CMI Champions

Winter 2016 Champions

Lilith Spencer - Cheesemongers Of Sante Fe
Alex Ourief - Vagabond Cheese Co
Lana Patrick - La Femme Du Fromage
Noreen Guizar - Cheese School Of Sf
Jb Rumberg - Velo Fromage
Christy Caye - Cowgirl Creamery
 Mike Shipman - Mars Cheese Castle
Anthony De Zee - Mars Cheese Castle
Kia Burton - Cheesemongers Of Sherman Oaks
Rose Owens - Bi Rite Market

Winter 2015 CHAMPIONS

Winner - Matt Reilly: Eataly Chicago
Alex Ourieff: Vagabond Cheese Co.
Jessica Beer: Cured Boulder
Katie Eshleman: Pastaworks
Megan Beene: Rainbow Grocery
Eric Miller: Mission Cheese
Jane Lyon: The Pasta Shop Oakland
Ryan Johnson: Bi-Rite Market Divisadero
Nathan Mancini: Cowgirl Creamery
Sean Kelly: Dean & Deluca

winter 2014 CHAMPIONS

Perry Soulos: Arrowine and Cheese
 Nate McElroy: Bedford Cheese

Jon Fancey: Cheese Plus
Kia Burton: Urban Radish
Zach Berg: Bi-Rite Market
Liza Kaplansky: Canyon Market
Marnie Clarke: Cheese Cave/DTLA Cheese
JB Rumberg: Velo Fromage
Juliana Clark: Mission Cheese
Hannah Fitzmorris: Calf and Kid



Summer 2016 Champions

Winner - Nadjeeb Chouaf: Flora Artisinal Cheese
Sascha Anderson: Cheesemongers of Santa Fe
Sara Adduci: Feast!
Samantha Kane: Di Bruno Bros.
Jordan Edwards: Pastoral
Alice Bergen Phillips: Via Umbria


Winner - Nick Bayne: Bedford Cheese Shop
Alex Armstrong: Pastoral Artisan
James Gentry: St James Cheese Company
Joseph Ciardullo: C'est Cheese
Kevin De Freitas: Greenwich Cheese Company
Leslie Uhl: Di Bruno Bros
Malachy Egan: Di Bruno Bros at the Franklin
Nick Bayne: Bedford Cheese Shop
Quinn Kenworthy: Cured Boulder
Sara Adduci: Feast!


Winner - Emily Acosta: Eataly NY
James Gentry: St. James Cheese Co.
Nadjeeb Chouaf: Flora Artisanal Cheese
Sara Adduci: Feast!
Lilith Spencer: Brooklyn Larder
Luke Johnson: Cheese Pops
Nathan Heggem: Lucy's Whey (Chelsea Market)
Caitlin O'Neill: Sickles Market
Noah Pardo: Saxelby Cheesemongers
Beth Lewand: Eastern District
Jessica Galen: Lucy's Whey Carnegie Hill

Summer 2013 CHAMPIONS

Winner - Justin Trosclair: St. James Cheese Company
Katie Carter: Arrowine and Cheese
Kris Garrand: Bedford Cheese Shop
Matt Shankle: Di Bruno Bros
Rich Morillo: Di Bruno Bros
Kyle Miller: Forward Foods
Luke Johnson: Lucy's Whey
Jillian Wilber: Murray's Cheese
Nadjeeb Chouaf: Whole Foods Market Mid-Atlantic
Mike White: Zingerman's

summer 2012 CHAMPIONS

Winner - Adam Smith: Cowgirl Creamery
Justin Trosclair: St.James Cheese
Bryan "Burnie" Bland: Pastoral
Andrew Clark: Formaggio Essex
Sean Hartwig: Singermans
C.J. Bienert: Cheese Shop of Des Moines
Amy Thompson: Lucy's Whey
Poul Price: Consider Bardwell
Patrick Coleff: Reliable Cheese
Miles Laird: The Pasta Shop
Alex Farcia: Dean and Deluca - Soho


Winner - Steve Jones: The Cheese Bar
Poul Price: Consider Bardwell
Anne Saxelby: Saxelby's
Zeke Ferguson: Di Bruno Bros
Matt Rubiner: Rubiner's Cheesemongers And Grocers
Dave Puchta: Murrays Grand Central
Brooke Little: Formaggio Essex
Nicole Casey: (NE TRB) Whole Foods
Ashley Finney: St. James Cheese
Anthony Femia: Richmond Hill Cafe & Larder


Winner- Matthew Rubiner: Rubiners
Carlos Souffront: Zingermans
Richard Sutton: St. James Cheese Company
Anthea Stolz:Bi Rite Market
Emi Lee: Liberty Heights Fresh
Chris Hanawalt: Bedford Cheese Shop
Mike Anderson: Murrays Cheese Shop
Ezekial Ferguson: Dibrunos
Kurt Gurdal: Formaggio Kitchen