Mister Moo

moo baa maa

Adam Moskowitz is the founder of the Cheesemonger Invitational.  He owns and operates a cheese warehouse in New York City and specializes in best-in-class artisan cheeses made in the mountains of Europe.  He is also “Mr. Moo”, a die-hard turophile and ardent supporter of the specialty cheese business who conceived of the invitational in 2010 as a way to throw a rave in his warehouse.  His best friends are Cheesemongers and it made sense to have a contest of cheesemongering while at the party.  Through the hard work of Cheesemongers, CMI became education, celebration and a reunion for the growing legion of incredible cheese-slingers throughout our country.  Keep It Simple So Mister Moo is on mission to inspire cheesemongers because he thinks that will make the Milky Way a better place.